Woot Buddy Free




This woot-checker loads the 5 main woot sites (woot.com, sellout, kids, shirt, and wine) and displays basic information on the main page so you can view the details all in one place. Detail pages are also provided by clicking on the “Details” button. If ou opt to save your Woot.com login credentials in the app, you can auto-login to woot when you click the “I Want One!” button. This saves you a step when you’re trying to get a BOC!

Settings include changing the refresh rate during a woot-off to 30 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, or 10 minutes. Also during a woot-off, a progress bar shows the amount of product (as reports by woot.com) remaining, and you can disable to screen lockout as well (only affects during a woot-off). You can also save your Woot.com login credentials and the app will auto-login to the woot.com site when you’re ready to buy an item. Additional settings allow you to configure which sites you want to view.

This free version displays ads.
v 1.2
– Added Live Tile push notification which alert when a woot-off has been detected
– Changed the settings page to be more user friendly
– Minor other updates/bug fixes

v 1.1
– Minor bug fixes and enhancements