So, I just had a problem where my Toast messages sent for my Shippin’ Buddy app weren’t being sent. These used to work fine, deep linking into the app. For some reason, they just stopped working and I about gave myself a concussion trying to figure out why. I was able to narrow the problem down to the field in the toast message XML. For some reason, with that field in the XML, the Microsoft Push Notification Service (MPNS) would accept the message, tell me it was successful, but never actual deliver the message to the device. Lots of testing later, I figured out that you now have to encode the “&” symbols if you’re adding multiple parameters to the Param field. Just change the “&” to “&” and the messages started working again.

Now perhaps this is how it’s been the whole time, and a bug allow my initial testing messages to go through. Or maybe, somewhere along the way, I updated my code and took out something that was encoding it. Either way, I’ve had a hard time finding this documented from searching Google. Either way, the notifications are working again, I just hate I had to have a user notify me that it wasn’t working when it used to.

Anyway, huge thanks and hugs to my user-base for Shippin’ Buddy for letting me know. If you’re still not getting toasts, please let me know.

Ok, it actually is documented (and probably standard for XML anyway) in Microsoft’s “Sending push notifications for Windows Phone“. Feeling stupid now, but at least it’s working….

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